Fan favorite, "This Is Us" is back, September 26th on NBC for its sophomore season. In season one, the story of Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) touched fans' souls and captured their hearts. This season promises to be bigger and better according to the creator, Dan Fogleman who explained, When it’s all said and done looking back, season 2 will probably feel like our biggest in story content. It’s not at all surprising with such heavy storylines this season.

'This Is Us', episode one promises to be a tear jerker

Break out the tissues because there will be no shortage of tears this season.

In the very first episode of the season, a huge piece of the puzzle will be revealed regarding the death of Jack, something fans thought they’d find out in the show’s freshman season. In an interview, according to Mandy Moore, who plays Jack's wife Rebecca "That’s what we’ve been told," Moore confirmed. The anticipation of how Jack died contributed to the shows quick success, intrigue and huge fan base.

What can fans expect

Aside from finally getting that big piece of the puzzle into how Jack died, we can expect to learn more about Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Sophie’s tumultuous relationship, fans' will be happy to know they can expect to see more of William. Thanks to flashbacks, some of those burning questions fans still have about Williams life, i.e., life before Randall,(Sterling K.

Brown) how his relationship with Jesse started are expected to be explored and answered. Fans can also expect to go deeper into the frayed relationship Kate has with her mother and also see Kate (Chrissy Metz) explore a career in music.

Fans can also expect to see a darker side of Jack which is sure to get the internet all a buzz.

Fans should also expect to be taken on a bit of an emotional roller coaster with the shows most stable of relationships, Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) and Randall as they figure out how to move forward after the devastating death of Randall's birth father, William as well as deciding whether or not to adopt which was a bombshell of a question Randall sprung on Beth at the end of the first season.

And speaking of Beth, fans can also expect to learn more about her like what exactly does Beth do for a living and what’s up with her family? One thing fans will know for sure is that "This Is Us" will be around for at least two more seasons and thanks to its huge fan base, I’d say a few more seasons beyond that. Look for the breakout smash, "This Is Us" to premiere, September 26 on NBC.