Hans Solo has been one of the major characters in the Star Wars Saga. Since it has been confirmed that the captain of the Millennium Falcon will have a standalone movie, details of the possible concept of the “Han Solo” spinoff film is now surfacing online.

‘Han Solo’ film to feature more of the characters’ sarcastic side?

According to Comicbook, the anticipated film might focus on a humorous concept. This might have been validated by the statement of one of its cast member, Woody Harrelson. The actor reiterated that the “Han Solo” spinoff film is going to be one of the hilarious installments in the “Star Wars” saga.

During the interview, Harrelson stated that Alden Ehrenreich, the actor who will play the younger version of the character, is an excellent actor and a great man. He also said that Ehrenreich has a good sense of humor.

In addition, the same publication noted the rumors surrounding why directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller left the film. It is said that both left because the spinoff was a bit too comedic for their liking. It can be recalled that “Star Wars” movies are a mix of action and drama, partnered with humorous characters to fill the role of comic relief. It is no secret that in all the “Star Wars” installments, Han Solo is not exactly the comic relief.

He is known to offer a snarky, sarcastic remark here and there, but comedy is not a large part of his repertoire as a character

Spencer Wilding Joining Cast as Darth Vader?

On the other note, there were rumors about the appearance of Spencer Wilding in the “Han Solo” spinoff movie. It can be remembered that Wilding played Darth Vader in the first standalone film of the “Star Wars” Saga, titled “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.”

The rumor sparked when Wilding canceled his Louisville, Kentucky show.

The cancellation of his show prompted speculations that Wilding might be reprising his Darth Vader role in the anticipated “Han Solo” spinoff; however, this turned out to be untrue. Wilding clarified in his Facebook post that the reason why his appearance in Louisville, Kentucky got canceled is due to the fact that he will be going to a charity event in Australia.

The actor reiterated that he has no role to perform in the “Han Solo” spin-off film, Screen Rant has learned.

‘Han Solo’ casting news

Lucasfilm tapped Ron Howard to helm the “Han Solo” spinoff, replacing Chris Miller and Phil Lord. In Aug. 2, a “Star Wars” fan asked Ron via Twitter if his brother Clint Howard, who has worked under the former’s direction on numerous occasions, will be having a role in the upcoming spinoff movie. The Academy award-winning director confirmed that Clint will appear in the movie, responding to the fan “You won’t be disappointed.” Although this is the case, it is not yet clear whether Clint will do a cameo or will play a significant role in the spinoff film.

Other confirmed cast of the spinoff includes Woody Harrelson, Donald Glover, and Emilia Clarke. The still untitled Han Solo movie is set to be released on May 25, 2018.