Fans of the hit series This Is Us are still curious about the real reason behind Jack Pearson’s death. With that, lead star Mandy Moore confirmed that the sequel of the show would finally answer all the questions regarding the death of Pearson family’s head.

Moore speaks up, why did Jack Pearson die?

In an interview made with Moore, she revealed that some of the unanswered questions from "This Is Us" Season 1 would be cleared out in the upcoming installment. Not just that, the actress even admitted that the premiere of This Is Us” Season 2 will get to focus on the cause of Pearson’s death.

It was then confirmed by the show’s creator Dan Fogelman that Moore’s statement was all true. He further explained that not all questions will be answered in the premiere, but a huge piece of the story will be unleashed during that time. Moreover, Fogelman admitted that the upcoming episode of the series would start greater questions from its audience.

Fogelman reacts on some fan theories

It was remembered that Fogelman debunked some of the fan theories regarding Pearson’s death. The creator then admitted that no speculations have ever been closed to the real reason why. He then explained that all will be cleared out over the course of the show's second season.

Meanwhile, NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke admitted that the second installment of the series would be more intense than its first installment.

She even reiterated that the sequel would be bigger and more thrilling this time as great and unusual things are expected happen in the series.

“This Is Us” timeslot will not change

On the other hand, Salke revealed that “This Is Us” will remain on its usual timeslot on NBC instead of the previous plan to move the series to Thursday night.

It was told that the decision began to change when the whole team heard the plan of Fogelman for the show. With that, fans are assuming that “This Is Us” Season 2 would definitely exceed beyond their expectation.

What makes “This Is Us” successful?

Meanwhile, show’s executive producer Ken Olin confirmed that the emotional authenticity of ‘This Is Us” is what make it really successful.

As its creator, Fogelman focused on making a storyline that will definitely capture the hearts of the show’s viewers and is really relatable.

With that, make sure to not miss out on “This Is Us” Season 2 as its filming would start on July 11 as its launch will definitely be this September.