Mandy Moore is finally back at work! The 33-year old actress shared on her Instagram account last Wednesday that she will finally return to "This is Us" for the second season. However, in line with her comeback, the actress has to get her face cast done. The actress shared on her social media story that she will be playing an older version of her role as Rebecca.

She took to Instagram and shared her recent video which featured her make up artist trying to cover her face with a plaster. On Instagram, she wrote, "Face Cast for Season 2. Deep breaths.

Trying not to freak about it!" As the makeup sessions continued, the result was far more intense than what she expected.

Plasters and silicone

In order for Moore to look older for her upcoming role, the "This Is Us" crew needs her to have a total makeover on her face. As what was seen on the video, the makeup artist has covered her face with plasters. Later on, two more layers of silicon were also added after the plaster. The makeover session on her face takes more than 30 minutes.

As she posted her photo on Instagram, she added that she has a scary-looking mask. Meanwhile, as per a report from Entertainment Tonight, the actress tried not to freak out after seeing her scary face from the mirror.

She also added that she just tried to pretend that she was getting a facial and listened to calm music during the procedure.

Season 2 to address cliffhangers

As "This is Us" returns for another season, it is expected that the cliffhangers from the Season 1 will be given answers. Moore, who just got back from a vacation with her boyfriend, also revealed some hints that the upcoming season will give the resolutions from the past episodes which remained unsolved from the previous season.

She also added that the production will try to work on a story that will tackle the curious questions of the viewers. Meanwhile, "This is Us" Season 2 is also expected to raise a lot more questions for its audiences after dealing with the Season 1 resolutions.

Right now, the "This is Us" writers are trying to give their audience their exact expectations from the show.

Hence, Moore will be hard at work as she returns to her role once more. But this time, playing Rebecca will be a lot more challenging for her after learning that she will look way older than the previous season. Taylor Goldsmith, Moore's boyfriend, has been also supportive over her career. To recall, the couple just enjoyed their recent tour of some slot canyons.