Taylor Swift, the American superstar, has been in the spotlight a lot these past few weeks. Last Friday, she won a court case against David Mueller. Mueller was declared guilty of sexually harassing the singer. This Friday, Swift wiped all of her online accounts clean. Friday also happens to be the date when Swift released her single "Blank Space" three years ago.

Swift's fans, affectionately known as "Swifties", are going wild with rumors and anticipation. It is hoped that Swift erased her account as she waits to announce new music.

What happened to her social media?

On Friday, Swift removed her Twitter avatar. According to Billboard, the singer then proceeded to remove the header from her Twitter account and the profile picture and header from her Facebook account as well. Her Instagram account, which is followed by more than 100 million people, was also cleared of all posts. Swift's Tumblr and Youtube accounts were treated in much the same manner.

Even Swift's official website has been blanked out. According to Fox8 News, a black screen greets you when you try visit the website. Is all this simply fuss about the third Anniversary of "Blank Space"? Or could it be that Swift is preparing to release some new music?

Fans' reactions

Swift's fans have taken social media by storm, since her accounts were erased this Friday. Many are hoping that this is an indication that the singer plans on releasing new work soon. According to Billboard, Swift has established a pattern of releasing a new album, every two years. She has done so every two years, since 2006.

However, it has been 2 years and 10 months since Swift's last album, "1989" was released. The fans are getting antsy. They want more.

According to Fox8 News, Taylor Swift's spokesperson has not yet replied to the press. No comment has yet been made by the singer as to her reasons for clearing her accounts. In the meantime, the world of social media is going wild with speculation.

Some people are wondering whether Swift's accounts have not perhaps been hacked. Most of the fans however simply believe that the singer is building up to an announcement of a new album release. It is hoped that Swift is getting rid of her social media content so that she can focus while she works on her new music.

Ultimately, no one really knows what the mysterious Taylor Swift is up to. All we can do at the moment is wait for the superstar to make a comment and read all the Swifty's theories in the mean time. All the best to her fans during this stressful time!