Taylor Swift, the American singer-songwriter, has been pretty quiet lately. But this all ends on Monday as she heads to court to testify in a civil trial between herself and David Mueller, a Denver, radio host. Mueller is suing Swift, demanding $3 million in damages following accusations that she made in 2013 about his behavior towards her.

The accusations and trial

During a series of concerts by the then 23-year-old Taylor Swift in Denver in 2013, the superstar attended a meet-and-greet with various media and radio personalities. According to CNN News, Mueller and Swift met at one of these events and posed for a photo together.

Swift claims that Mueller sexually assaulted her by reaching under her dress and grabbing her bottom as they posed for said photo. Swift claims that although she mentioned the incident to her mother and peers, she never took the matter to KYGO radio station, where Mueller was employed.

Her radio promotions director, Frank Bell, however, refused to let the matter go unnoticed. He confronted the KYGO station about Mueller's behavior and an investigation into the case was conducted. Shortly after that, Mueller was asked to leave the station. Now, Mueller is taking Swift to court over the matter. His story of the event has changed several times, but he still believes that he did nothing wrong. He initially claimed that he had not touched Swift at all.

Later he said that he may have accidentally touched her or that it may have been someone else and that he was falsely accused.

Taylor Swift's statements

Swift claims that she tried to keep the matter confidential and that she never intended to have Mueller lose his job. She has also said, however, that a settlement is not an option.

She will be present in the federal court in Denver on this coming Monday, and she will testify against Mueller.

According to The Star, Swift has only charged $1 for a verdict in her favor. She never wanted this matter to end up in court, but now that it is, it's not about the money. Swift has agreed to testify so that she can set an example and use this matter to protect other women from going through similar humiliating and violating experiences.

Swift told the press that there was no way that Mueller touched her accidentally. She mentioned that he grabbed her bottom and wouldn't let go, even when she tried to move away. She told a guard immediately after the photo but never wished to make a public ordeal about it.

The trial on Monday will set an important example for women and Female Empowerment. It will show women across the United States, and beyond that, they don't have to stand for such humiliating treatment.