Taylor Swift and Katy Perry continue to have some bad blood against each other. It seems like Perry does not have any plans to stop talking about their feud until Swift makes things right with her.

According to a recent report from Refinery29, Katy Perry continues to spill the details of her feud with Taylor Swift. Perry recently told the British music magazine, NME that she needed to tell James Corden her side of the story since he was the first to ask about it.

Katy Perry says nobody asked her side of the story regarding her feud with Taylor Swift

Katy Perry revealed that she felt it was safe to tell the host of the "Late Late Show" James Corden about what really happened and how her feud with Taylor Swift started. Perry believes there are always three sides to every story, which her's, Swift's and the truth.

Perry felt that she needed to address the issue despite the fact that many people think they should not be fighting at all. The "California Girls" singer revealed that she is just a person who gets irritated at times. She wishes that she can just ignore most of the issues that affect her, but she still cannot let people destroy her character, especially with young girls.

She thinks what Swift did to her was not fair at all.

How the Swift-Perry feud started

Perry unveiled that the fight started when the "I Knew You Were Trouble" hitmaker claimed that Perry sabotaged her tour by hiring Swift's backup dancers, which is something she did not do at all. Perry was unhappy with what Swift said and also felt disappointed when the "Blank Space" singer tapped Max Martin, Perry's collaborator in the hit song, "Bad Blood."

The "Bon Appetit" singer said she cannot tell Martin what he needs to do and what he cannot do.

Martin was reportedly unaware that the song was dedicated to Perry. Perry recently released "Swish, Swish" which made fans wonder if it is about her fight with Swift. However, she refused to deny nor confirm the question of her fans.

Meanwhile, Perry said in her previous interview with Corden that she would be willing to forgive Swift if she would only apologize for what she did.

She admitted that she tried to reach out to Swift to explain the real reason why the dancers wanted to quit during Swift's tour. However, Swift shut her down.

The fans of Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are hoping that the two music makers will be able to patch things up between them since they were ones, close friends.