Every picture tells a story and this one is telling a big one. Jinger Duggar Vuolo has been breaking Duggar Family tradition for months now by wearing pants instead of the female family members’ usual uniform of a skirt or a long dress. Jinger’s husband, Jeremy Vuolo, seemingly gave his wife approval to wear the more form-fitting clothing option after Jinger lived for years under her father Jim Bob Duggar’s strict household rules.

But now, Jinger is really crossing the line. The newlywed Duggar daughter recently posed for a photo wearing a Nike T-shirt, pink jeans, and high-top black Jordan sneakers.

Jeremy Vuolo captioned a photo of his sassy wife’s outfit, pointing out that she is wearing her “first pair of J’s.”

Why Nike is a controversial keyword

While “Counting On” fans have gotten used to Jinger’s newfound parade of pants, the Nike shirt is what is causing the controversy. According to Yahoo Style, three years ago Jinger Duggar and her three older sisters published the book “Growing Up Duggar” in which they told all about being raised in the supersized, Christian family. In the book, the reality TV sisters explained that they always dressed modestly because their bodies are only be shared with their future husbands. But in mainstream America, the Duggars have faced challenges on a daily basis whenever they crossed paths with scantily clad females.

In their tell-all book, the Duggar sisters also revealed that the family used the Code Word “Nike” when they were out in public as a way to signal to the males in their clan that a provocatively dressed woman was coming their way. Whenever the “Nike” code word was spoken during a family outing, the Duggar males knew to look down at their shoes to avoid temptation.

The fact that Jinger Duggar is wearing Nike T-shirt is very telling. Some fans even think the brand name shirt seems to be a clap back at her father’s strict upbringing.

Is Jinger just a dress-up doll?

Jinger Duggar Vuolo has broken Duggar family code for months by wearing pants, shorts, skin tight leggings and even sexy high heels.

But now some social media followers question if Jinger is rebelling against her father Jim Bob or if she is being used as her husband Jeremy Vuolo’s personal dress-up doll. Hopefully, neither is true and Jinger Duggar Vuolo is finally dressing the way she wants to dress.

The new season of the Duggar family reality show, “Counting On,” is set to premiere on September 1 on TLC.