First of all, the word showmance simply means a romance that develops on a show. It could be between individuals working together in a show of any kind whether in the theater, in films or on a television series.

On "Big Brother 19" the showmance is between two contestants who have developed a romance. Sometimes, the showmance continues after the show ends. At other times, when the show ends so does the showmance. The disadvantage of a showmance is that the other houseguests associate one contestant with the other.

When there is a showmance, the names of the two individuals are combined into one name.

There are three showmances on "Big Brother 19."

Jody is Jessica and Cody

Jessica Graf was evicted one week before being able to go to the jury house because of her association with Cody Nickson. In her exit interview, Jessica said their relationship will continue outside of the house. However, they still have to wait another six weeks to see each other because Cody has to be sequestered inside the jury house until the finale. Then Jessica said she is going to take Cody and his five-year-old daughter, Paisley, to Disneyland, the happiest place on earth.

The 26-year-old VIP concierge said she loves competing and she wants to compete again with her 32-year-old boyfriend and is hoping they can be contestants on CBS's "Amazing Race." This did happen with a showmance from Seasons 11 and 13 when contestants Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder developed a showmance on both seasons and competed on "Amazing Race." They are now married, and their first child was born in 2016.

Perhaps Jessica and Cody's showmance will end just as beautiful.

Marlene is Mark and Elena

Elena Davies and Mark Jansen have developed a relationship while in the house, but their relationship doesn't seem to be as strong as Jody's. Once Elena said in the diary room that she likes Mark, but she did not leave her entire life for a guy she just met less than 40 days ago.

In other words, the 26-year-old radio personality will remove herself from Mark, also 26, if it becomes best for her game.

Maven is Matthew and Raven

Raven Walton has been in the background most of the time. The 23-year-old dance teacher hasn't been shy about talking about a stomach problem she has called Gastroparesis, and she wears a pacemaker in her stomach to combat the illness.

To have some fun while in the house, Raven has developed a relationship with Matthew Clines, a 33-year-old renovation consultant from Arlington, Virginia.

Maven is the relationship that host Julie Chen predicted would last because Matt and Raven seem to be building a foundation instead of rushing into the showmance.