On "The Young and the Restless," Jack Abbot is hiding secrets from his ex-wives. Both Nikki and Phyllis believe he is being straight with them, and have begun to let their guard down around him. When the truth is finally revealed, Jack is going to be in big trouble. All of genoa city will find out how devious he has become.

Phyllis should know better than to trust Jack

After Jack found out that Phyllis was having an affair with his brother Billy, he became very bitter. Phyllis tried to reunite with him by working at Jabot and attempting to prove herself invaluable.

Her efforts, however, were in vain. Jack eventually came to a place where he could tolerate his ex-wife and then she and Billy began seeing each other again. Jack is giving the impression that he does not care, but he has a plan in motion.

He is allowing Phyllis to believe she will spend more time with Billy if Jack can take over "Brash and Sassy." Phyllis also spoke to Ben Hochman and asked him to spend time with Victoria. She does not know that Jack met with Ben and wanted him to spy on Vicky, and report back to him. Jack is using the former fiery red head to get even with his brother for sleeping with her. And she should know better than to believe Jack has forgiven her. Instead, she has let her guard down, and soon she will wish she had not.

Nikki will be hurt more than anyone else

Nikki is on cloud nine because she is using Jack to pretend she is over Victor. On Thursday she announced that she had moved out of the ranch house and now has her address. She and Jack have been spending a lot of time together, and Jack likes the fact that he is making Victor angry. Jack never got over Victor replacing him with Marco and allowing the criminal to be in his bed with Phyllis.

Jack was about to hire Cane so he could obtain insider information regarding "Brash and Sassy." Victoria talked him out of it by pointing out how to hurt her mother would be that Jack was trying to ruin Vicky's company. Now here he is doing something much worse. He is hoping Ben can get the information for him, and in the process, Victoria and Nikki will both have their hearts broken.

On Thursday, Jack got Ben to agree to his scheme, even as Victor's wife and daughter are believing they are moving forward with these men in their lives. When Victor gets the wind of what Jack has been up to he will no doubt defend Victoria and Nikki, and the Newman/Abbott feud will continue. Nikki will be crushed to know how Jack used her and her daughter. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" to find out how all of this plays out.