"The Walking Dead" fans love Daryl Dixon. Norman Reedus has been playing the role since season 1 and is one of the original four from Atlanta. He is a key member of the group and Rick's ride-or-die. What does the actor have to say about how his character should exit the show and when?

In the world after the zombie apocalypse, survival is a full-time job. Rick and Daryl have been together since the beginning with Carol and Carl. The four grew into the groups they have as part of Team Rick. They are an army and are ready for an all-out war with Negan.

There is always speculation on when Rick and Daryl may die and how. Robert Kirkman, creator and comic book author, has said anyone can die except Carl. He has already told fans that Rick's time on the show will end, but "The Walking Dead" will go on. Fans just don't know when and how this will happen.

How does Norman want Daryl to exit TWD?

Recently, Norman Reedus sat down with "CNet Magazine" for an interview. His vision for Daryl's exit is more of a fairy-tale ending than one fitting for the hero he has become on "The Walking Dead." He envisions a sunset as he walks to the top of a hill. A wolf pup will emerge from the trees and join him as he fades into the sunset. Ok, so that will never happen.

What Norman was really saying is he doesn't want to go anywhere.

Norman Reedus loves working on "The Walking Dead." The show, the cast, the production, the fans -- he loves it all. He has taken the role and brought it to life in a way that makes fans wonder how the show will continue without him. And they are very vocal about that on social media.

The saying "If Daryl dies, we riot" has been seen on every fan page on Facebook many times.

Big changes coming for the ratings giant

In October, fans will be tuning into AMC on Sunday nights once again for "The Walking Dead." Grab the popcorn and enjoy because, as we previously reported, the show will be moving to Amazon Prime for season 9 and available through the streaming service exclusively.

You can get all the behind-the-scenes information on that business deal here.

There are many spoilers for the upcoming season 8. The all-out war is coming, and "The Walking Dead" fans are anxious to see Daryl in action with Rick and the rest of the Alexandria team. There are rumors of deaths of some characters that will surprise and sadden the audience. The big cliffhanger some fans are waiting for is the birth of Maggie's baby. She has been pregnant since the end of season 6.