The change in network television is beginning. The fans of the hit series "The Walking Dead" and the spinoffs "Fear the Walking Dead" and "Talking Dead" will be feeling it sooner rather than later.

Robert Kirkman and David Alpert, a producer and a friend, founded Skybound Entertainment. That was the first clue that big changes were coming for the hit show. On the fringes of net neutrality, Skybound Entertainment has entered into a two-year agreement with Amazon. They will create exclusive TV shows for Amazon Prime Video service. Amazon will have the first look at shows created by Skybound Entertainment.

"The Walking Dead" has been a hit show for AMC for the past seven seasons. The loss of a big show like this will hit the network hard. According to the "Hollywood Reporter," they have "exited their overall deal" with AMC. What the network is actually losing is a show that is a billion dollar business by itself. It has the top ratings of all shows for the highly sought after age group of 18 to 49 year old viewers.

"The Walking Dead" fans are beyond loyal to the show. They are extremely active on social media and weigh in on every move. There is no doubt that many will be upset that their favorite show is moving to a subscription service rather than a cable company.

What does that mean for Season 8?

Fans everywhere are now left wondering if they will be able to see the 100th episode that was set to premiere on AMC on October 23. They are under contract and have been actively filming the season on location in Georgia. Season 8 will continue as usual. AMC will have this final season to regroup and lick their wounds after news of this huge loss.

How much to watch Amazon Prime Videos?

It is part of the Amazon Prime package. Subscribers get free two-day shipping on a lot of items ordered from Amazon. The streaming of television shows and movies is included in the membership. The cost is a little over $8 per month but charged at $99 per year.

Robert Kirkman and Skybound Entertainment have a movie deal going with Universal Studios.

They teamed up back in 2015, and have had success with several ventures. They are working on another comic to screen show, "Invincible."

There has been no statement at this time from AMC. This is breaking news and we can expect to hear from them in the next day or so. With Robert Kirkman's announcement being a done deal, the only thing they can really say is thanks for the memories and they will take them back anytime.