Tom Cruise was filming a stunt for the movie "Mission Impossible 6" when he was injured on the set. The extent of Cruise's injuries are as of yet unknown and there has been no confirmation that production of the movie has been stalled. Cruise was jumping from one building to another when he miscalculated the jump and climbed quickly up to the roof of the building.

The actor was filming a stunt when it did not go according to plan

According to the La Times, Tom Cruise has been injured on the set of "Mission Impossible 6" when he was performing a stunt.

The movie star is known for performing his own stunts and was jumping from one building to another when the incident occurred. The star was attached to cables while performing the stunts, which prevented him from suffering a more serious injury.

A video of the incident was released and shows Cruise running and preparing for the jump when he narrowly missed and slammed into the target building. He then climbed up onto the room of the other building where he was met with the crew. Cruise appeared to be limping before he was brought back to the starting point of the route.

In a report by the Independent, the extent of Cruise's injuries are as of yet unknown but he did appear to be limping heavily.

Fans are concerned that this will delay the production of "Mission Impossible 6" but the producers of the movie have not confirmed this.

Cruise has been performing his own stunts for years

According to LA Times, Tom Cruise enjoys performing his stunts and has performed a variety of different types of stunts for movies over the years.

Recently he has been seen performing stunts using a helicopter as he prepares for his role in "Top Gun 2." Six years ago, the star climbed the outside of the Dubai's Buri Khalifa and a scene in the movie "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol."

Cruise has also performed a zero gravity stunt inside of a plane for the movie "The Mummy" which is a very complicated and intricate stunt to complete.

The star has been injured performing stunts in the past and Cruise's old director Christopher McQuarrie has revealed that the star is very bold when it comes to performing his own stunts.

McQuarrie also went on to claim that Cruise is a very talented actor and stunt performer and that he knows how much an injury can stall the production of the movie. He has stated that if anyone can come back from an injury that is Cruise.

Fans are looking forward to seeing the next installment in the "Mission Impossible" series and hope that Cruise has not been injured too badly.