The Walking Dead is in for a challenge as the creators, and the network behind the successful show are about to see each other in court. On Monday the creator together with three of the show’s producers filed a lawsuit against the network responsible for airing the show.

Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead creator, Gale Anne Hurd, Glen Mazzara and David Alpert, the show producers filed against the AMC. The network allegedly kept “the lion’s share” of the profit instead of properly distributing them to the creative team.

‘The Walking Dead’ producer sues network for income

The lawsuit will cost AMC up to $1 billion if proven guilty. It contains the creative team accusing AMC of violation of the California business code as well as breach of contract. The lawsuit states that AMC claims back the profit from "The Walking Dead" by paying themselves to air the successful show. The act then lowers the net profit thus reducing the percentage given to the team responded in writing, creating and producing the program.

The AMC later released a statement saying that they were not surprised with the lawsuit. The network’s spokesperson stated that lawsuits follow success, which is common in the entertainment industry.

The spokesperson also added that "The Walking Dead" claiming the number one spot for five years will continue to have the plaintiffs behind its success.

They said they will surely defend against what they called baseless and opportunistic lawsuit yet retains their respect and appreciation for the people filing the case.

Kirkman to leave 'TWD' TV Series?

On the other hand, Robert Kirkman was reported to be making a big leap in his career after years of working for TWD who gave him a break in 2015.

Kirkman will now be working for Amazon Prime where he will develop TV projects exclusively for Amazon Prime platform.

Some consider his move as shocking to fans while others see it as a severe blow to AMC. Others, however, say it might be time to move on seeing The Walking Dead approaching its end. Perhaps, fans will not be happy to know that the show will finally get its ending because of the rift between the network and the producers.

Robert Kirkman used to work as a freelancer for Marvel, and he created Marvel heroes and villains for years. His production company is now in the plans of remaking An American Werewolf in London. Fans are still hoping that everything will turn out well between the show's creator and the AMC network.