Things turn bloody in the finale of “Game of ThronesSeason 7 when the Lannisters meet Daenerys, Jon Snow, and company at Dragonpit. Below we have details on what happens when the two parties meet. (Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers for Episode 7).

Jon and company at Dragonpit

Following their capture of a wight outside The Wall, Jon Snow and team heads to the Dragonpit to convince Cersei Lannister to join forces with them. Now that they have proof that the army of the dead exists, they feel that it is easier to convince the queen to send the Lannister army to battle the White Walkers.

The Episode 7 trailer shows Jon, Gendry, Tyrion, Jorah, Brienne, Theon, Missandei and company approach Cersei.

According to spoilers from The Dradon and the Wolf, talks of a parlay begin between the two opposing teams. Daenerys is said to be in this meeting too although there is no sign of her in the trailer. Cersei offers her terms including Jon Snow’s pardon for leaving his post as a Night’s Watch if he bends the knee, but he refuses. She adds the release of the captured Unsullied in exchange for Tyrion, but Daenerys refuses.

Jon and Daenerys talk about the White Walkers

Euron approaches Jon and asks him what he has brought in the covered cage, and he replies, “Death.” He then starts his speech about the arrival of the White Walkers and the Night King.

Euron approaches him and laughs at his face. Daenerys chimes in and urges everyone that they fight the army of the dead together. Cersei cuts in and says there will be no parlay if talks about the White Walkers continue.

An ambush at Dragonpit

The gates to the Dragonpit close and Cersei orders her army to kill Daenerys and company.

Tyrion takes a position in front of the cage, and Daenerys summons Drogon and Rhaegal. In the middle of the fight, Euron kills Jorah and Jaimie injures Rhaegal with the dragon gun. Jon senses the dragon’s pain, so he orders the release of the wight, which in turn kills everything in sights. The Mountain is unable to defeat the White Walker upon Cersei’s request.

Jon steps forward and stabs it with Dragonglass, and it shatters into pieces, much to everyone’s surprise.

Jon Snow controls Drogon

Drogon lands in front of Jaime and Tyrion immediately runs to his brother’s aid. He urges Daenerys to stop, but she does not listen and tells her dragon Drecarys. Jon Snow arrives in time, and he manages to control Drogon before he could burn the brothers alive.

A parlay is agreed

Tyrion and Cersei agree on a parley in return of the Lannister army. She tells Jon that he remains King of the North if Daenerys drops her claim over the Seven Kingdoms, to which both Jon and Daenerys agree.