Victoria Newman is not acting like herself these days on "The Young and the Restless." She is making decisions that may cost her "Brash and Sassy." Newman just settled a sexual harassment lawsuit for the company, where Juliet said Cane traded sex for a job. Now Vicky has placed herself in an inappropriate situation with a potential business partner. Spoilers for August 8 indicate that Jack and Phyllis have teamed up to take advantage of Ms. Newman's indiscretions.

Jack and Phyllis are ready to swoop in like vultures

Jack has been angry with Billy since the first time his brother began sleeping with his wife.

Now that Phyllis and her former brother in law have rekindled their illicit relationship, Jack has been seeking ways to hurt them both. Phyllis believes she and her ex-husband are now in a good place. He has accepted that she reunited with his younger sibling. She has no idea that Jack is out for revenge and using her to get what he wants.

On Thursday, Phyllis was crying the blues to Lauren because Billy and Victoria had to work 15 hour days after Juliet and Cane were fired. She was thinking about a way to get Billy away from the office, and his ex-wife, when she ran into business mogul Benjamin Hochman. Phyllis convinced him to give Victoria a call to see if he could be of assistance with "Brash and Sassy."

Vicky and Ben went to dinner and ended up spending the night together.

Now Jack and Phyllis have formed an unholy alliance to take down Victoria and her company.

Victoria's indiscretion may cost her everything

Victoria left her children with a baby sitter and spent the night with a man she just met. Spoilers reveal Jack and Phyllis find out about Victoria's indiscretion and try to use it for their own selfish purposes.

Jack was going to hire Cane so he could glean information that would give him leverage to take control of Victoria's company. He wanted revenge on Billy by costing him his job. Victoria would simply have been collateral damage.

Vicky talked her former brother-in-law out of hiring Cane because of Nikki. Jack is obviously not thinking clearly — taking Victoria down by any means will affect his relationship with her mother.

Phyllis simply wants to decrease the time Billy and Victoria spend together because she is afraid they might reunite. If Vicky and Ben begin a relationship it will be good news for Phyllis.

If Jack can take the company away from Victoria it would be a good move because Billy would have to find another job. Jack and Phyllis deserve each other because one is just as devious as the other. Victoria's indiscretion may cost her everything she holds dear but if her actions are the result of a medical problem, Jack and Phyllis are in big trouble. Billy will drop his lover like a hot potato, and Nikki will do the same to Jack. Worst of all, Mr. Abbot and his ex-wife will have to deal with the wrath of Victor Newman.