In less than no time, fans are going to see Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) back aboard on Uss Nathan James to help everyone find a cure to the latest plague. The former Chief of Naval Operations cannot endure being away from his people while there is another epidemic that could take a lot of innocent lives.

However, before the ex-Commanding Officer gets back to work, it looks like his romance with Sasha Cooper (Bridget Regan) will be once again ignited. Will they meet again and rekindle their past relationship in "The Last Ship" Season 4?

A past romance

To recall, Tom Chandler and Sasha Cooper had a romantic relationship before he left USS Nathan James and decided to live a normal life in Greece.

Bridget Regan’s role continued to serve the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer of the United States Navy and lead its remaining people. They are now on a new mission to find a cure to a new plague that has been threatening the humanity. As Eric Dane’s character will return to help them look for this particular plant that could kill the virus, he will once again meet the former Navy Intelligence Officer in “The Last Ship” Season 4.

A mysterious woman

In the new trailer of “The Last Ship” Season 4, Tom Chandler can be seen inside his bedroom with a brunette.

However, it is not yet revealed if this girl is actually Sasha Cooper or another woman from Greece. In the clip, he has been seen holding hands with a Greek beauty, thus it is unclear who is he kissing on his bed. Christian Post reported that fans are now eager to know if Tom and Sasha will rekindle their romance, especially now that he is about to return aboard to hear the Navy’s cries for his return.

The start of the problem

In “The Last Ship” Season 4, Tom Chandler has to choose between his serene life in Greece or to return to the chaotic events happening on USS Nathan James.

He will get a desperate call as the world is now in big trouble again with a much–dangerous plague. The Red Flu has evolved into something worst, and it is now targeting the plants around the world.

Whether it is rice, corn, or wheat, everything is going to be affected and die.

The food supply everywhere will decrease, thus the Navy will do its best to stop the outbreak. They will be looking for an ancient palm seed that is unaffected by the Red Flu. As they try to find and secure a sample of this seed, some people who already have this won’t have the courtesy to share it. Tom Chandler and his men should find an example before they get to the enemy’s land.