Jason Wahler and his wife, Ashley celebrated the arrival of their first baby on Monday, August 21, 2017. The couple has confirmed that their first baby is a girl. Their daughter was given a name of Delilah Ray Wahler; Entertainment Tonight has exclusively confirmed. During the couple's recent interview, they expressed their excitement as they finally embrace a new chapter of their lives with their daughter. Apparently, Jason and Ashley were both madly in love with their adorable daughter.

Daddy's girl

The couple has confirmed that Delilah was born at 8:16 in the morning on Monday at the Newport Beach, California.

Their baby was 21 inches long and has weighed around 7 pounds. Meanwhile, Entertainment Tonight has also shared that Jason has already considered Delilah as a "daddy's girl." Further, "The Hills" actor has also added that he loved to kiss, hug, and cuddle her baby girl most of the time.

Back in February, the couple has revealed the news about Ashley's pregnancy. Both have been married since October 2013, and they have been very happy to be blessed with their first brood. The actor has also told the reporters that he is looking forward for the milestones that his daughter will take into. Jason is a lot excited to finally witness Delilah's first words and first steps as she grows up.

Overjoyed and blessed

As the couple welcomed their first child, both of them simply couldn't hide their happiness. Jason was indeed overjoyed as he had his glance to his daughter for the first time. Apparently, the couple has already considered the new chapter of their life as an exciting journey. Being first-time parents to Delilah is a great blessing that both of them has been grateful about.

As Jason continued in his statement, the actor has also shared that both of them were very excited to start a family of their own finally. It was also learned that both Ashley and Delilah were doing well and in good condition right now.

Despite the different troubles that he has been through, "The Hills" star is finally about to enjoy the biggest blessing of his family.

Back in 2016, Jason was reported to have attempted committing suicide; however, he has also added that he has already gone through some treatments. In line with this, the actor has nothing more left to his head but to focus his time more on his growing family. It was also reported that the first-time dad has just posted the first photo of their daughter on Instagram and it has received thousands of love from his followers.