Whitney Port rose to fame on MTV's The Hills as she starred alongside Lauren Conrad, and now the 31-year-old is generating a spotlight of her own. Port recently announced she's expecting her first baby with husband Tim Rosenman as she posed for a baby bump pic.

Whitney Port's baby announcement

Whitney took the opportunity to show off the first photo of her baby bump as she made her pregnancy announcement on February 9. Life & Style magazine covered the news as Whitney posed in a rolled up shirt and lace undergarments. "Next to a photo of her tiny baby bump, The Hills alum wrote, 'Oh hey!

Just standing by the window in my underwear, with a BABY in my belly!!!'"

The site stated Port took to her blog to share more information on her pregnancy as she told readers how she plans on explaining where babies come from to her child. "When two people love each other so much and the love becomes too great to fit inside both people, it spills over into a third person."

Life & Style added Whitney said she can't wait to be a mom, but suggested becoming pregnant was a surprise to her and Tim. "Whitney hinted that the news was unexpected, but shared, 'I can’t wait to be a Mom.'"

MTV co-star Lauren Conrad's baby news

Whitney's baby bump pic comes just a month after her former The Hills co-star Lauren Conrad announced her first pregnancy as well.

Conrad took to Instagram to make her baby announcement with husband William Tell, however, she has yet to publicly share a pregnancy photo.

Fans seem to be taken with the idea of Lauren and Whitney being pregnant at the same time as they commented on the latter's Instagram post.

"Literally going to cry. her and Lauren are pregnant at the same time it's a dream come true..."

The commenter went on to state they hope to see the pals once again star on a show together now that they're both married and expecting. Of course, Port and Conrad aren't the first The Hills stars to get pregnant as Audrina Patridge and Kristin Cavallari both have children.

Congrats to both Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad on this exciting news!