Netflix’s breakthrough science fiction thriller series has yet to air its second season, but the show creators have already hinted on its future. It has been revealed that the popular series, “Stranger Things” will not be around for a long time since the creators are leaning on for just two more seasons.

The Duffer Brothers recently sat down for an interview with Vulture and opened up about their plans for the upcoming second season of “Stranger Things” as well as its other future installments. The first season of the series made its premiere in July last year and the next season has already been scheduled to release on October 27 this year.

‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 confirmed

In the said interview, Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer revealed that Netflix has already greenlighted the third season of the series even though the second season hasn’t been released yet. The brothers further revealed that viewers would see a huge development in the story as well as the transition in the time since the third season will already be set in college.

The first season of the said Netflix series focused on introducing every character and the roles they play in the horror story. The creators announced months ago that the second season than would be darker and scarier than the pilot season.

The Duffer brothers want to end series soon

As mentioned above, the main young characters of “Strangers Things” will head off to college in the third season.

With that said, the creators have already planned to wrap up the story in the fourth season.

The Duffer brothers are planning to end “Stranger Things” after the fourth season, but Netflix hasn’t confirmed this yet. Variety reached out to Netflix, and they haven’t released any official statement regarding this matter.

The creators explained that they'd have to eventually send out the kids to college so they can get out of town and they don’t think it’s wise to drag on a sci-fi horror series very long.

Matt said they'd keep adjusting the story, but they’re not sure if they can keep on coming up with reasons why something bad happens to the main characters every year.

Matt and Ross pointed out that they want to push things a bit so fans should expect a huge development in the next installment especially with the introduction of new characters.

To give viewers and fans a look at their vision of the series, the brothers said that they the second season feels like a movie sequel, which is expected to be bigger especially when the first production was a huge success.