The latest updates and spoilers for "The Flash" Season 4 will feature Katie Sackhoff cast as Blacksmith and the titles for the new "Arrowverse" crossover are now revealed.

New crossover episodes

The titles for the new "Arrowverse" episodes have now been revealed. Last year, CW Network promised fans that the heroes from all four shows will face a threat bigger than the Dominators. The first crossover will start with "Greater Foes" in "Supergirl" followed by "Greater Loss" on "Arrow," then "Greater Threat" in "The Flash," and it wraps up in "Greater Menace" in "Legends of Tomorrow."

While the episode titles are very simplistic in nature, it is clear that the heroes will face a bigger challenge and it will take more than their skills and powers to combat this new foe.

The first episode starts with "Supergirl," so it seems that Kara Danvers/Supergirl will have a hard time fighting this new enemy. She is forced to call for help from Green Arrow, The Flash and the Legends.

The second episode teased a heavy loss for the heroes, while the third will reveal the identity of the new villain. The last episode will reveal the villain's plan and the heroes must come up with a way to stop it.

YouTube channel Emergency Awesome theorized that the new threat in the upcoming "Arrowverse" crossover could be the DC villain Mongul and he will likely bring his planet-sized battle station, Warworld to the episodes. Mongul is introduced in the comics as an intergalactic warlord who had numerous encounters with Superman.

The villain became popular in the "Justice League" animated series and was last seen as a guest villain in "Young Justice."

New cast member for Season 4

"Battlestar Galactica" star Katee Sackhoff has been officially cast for "The Flash" Season 4 as she will play the role of DC villainess Blacksmith. Sackhoff's appearance was first teased on Twitter as she tweeted a photo of her script and eagle-eyed viewers saw a lightning bolt insignia, confirming that she will indeed show up in the TV series.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Sackhoff's character is a metahuman boss in the underground black market, who uses blackmail and subterfuge to bend them to her will. Blacksmith will make her debut in episode 5 titled "Girls Night Out" guest starring Team Arrow member Felicity Smoak. It is also revealed that Blacksmith will be a recurring character in the show.

Blacksmith will likely join season 4's main villain Clifford DeVoe/The Thinker in his fight against Barry Allen and Team Flash. Cast member Tom Cavanagh also teased a new version of Harrison Wells in the show.

"The Flash" Season 4 will premiere on Oct. 10 at 8 PM on the CW Network.