If you missed "The Bold and the Beautiful" on Monday, August 21st here is a recap. You may, however, be disappointed because treachery and deception reigned supreme. Two couples are harboring secrets that viewers know will eventually come to light.

Sheila and James are fooling Brooke for now

Brooke is suspicious of Shelia but trusts James as a member of the medical community. She does not know, however, that Ms. Carter has blackmailed the good doctor. Shelia threatened to tell everyone that James is addicted to prescription drugs so that he would allow Eric to think she needed more recovery time.

Brooke tells Sheila that she is watching her and that there better not be anything shady going on.

When Brooke tried to walk Sheila across the room, Ms. Carter's knees buckled and she had to go back to the bed. James confirmed that she was not fully recovered and needed to rest. Brooke questioned him and then gave her warning to Sheila who gave the doctor that look which said,"You better keep your mouth shut". The secret is safe for now, but eventually, the truth will be revealed.

Wyatt and Katie should know better but it's too late now

Katie was married to Wyatt's dad Bill and is the mother of Will, who is Wyatt's half-brother. She should not be dating her stepson, but Monday they took it to a forbidden level.

Katie had sex with her former stepson. This was wrong on so many levels, but the main issue is Dollar Bill Spencer. He will not want to think about his ex-wife, the mother of his youngest son, in bed with his other son Wyatt. How can they explain to Will that his half-brother may possibly become his stepfather?

Wyatt and Katie had been fighting their growing feelings and trying to make everyone believe they only have a business relationship.

Now they have crossed a forbidden line, and there is no turning back. They were so elated today, but then there is tomorrow. It will be more difficult to keep their feelings a secret since they have consummated their relationship. Both of them also know that Bill and Brooke have strong instincts.

Katie and her new lover will slip up, and be discovered by his father or her sister.

Brooke may be somewhat understanding because of her own dealings with romance, but Dollar Bill is an entirely different story. With all the dastardly deeds on his resume, he will not want to hear that his son and his ex-wife are sleeping together. Wyatt, more so than Katie, will feel the wrath from Bill Spencer.