The Solar Eclipse will be the big event on Monday and "The Bold and the Beautiful" will not be on the air. Tuesday through Friday, however, will be filled with drama based on Spoiler alerts. Steffy, Sheila, Katie, and Brooke all will be in the spotlight.

Steffy will be questioned

Spoilers reveal Steff Forrester will be questioned regarding her brother's secret while Katie and Wyatt try to keep their relationship under wraps. She is privy to a family secret, that not everyone is aware of. Her brother Thomas is living in New York with Caroline and Douglas because Bill said his niece was dying.

Steffy knows her father in law made up the story because he wants Thomas far away from "Spectra Fashions."

Bill believes by the time the truth is revealed and his niece has a miracle cure, that Thomas will decide to stay in New York. He thinks Sally cannot keep the business going on his own. Bil keeps trying to preempt all of Sally's attempts to succeed. Steffy may be getting weary of it all.

Katie Logan is trying desperately to keep a secret from Bill who is her e husband the father of her son Will. Katie has been secretly having romantic encounters with Bill's son, and her former step son Wyatt. The two began spending time together to work on the Monte Carlo fashion show, and feelings began to grow.

They have only shared a few kisses, but are cautious because of the way family especially ill will react if they move forward as a couple. Look for the tension to mount this week as this couple deal with being secret lovers.

Brooke and Shiela will be at odds

Sheila Carter has wormed her way back into Eric's life once again. She got into a fight with Quinn and fell and hit her head.

Sheila got Dr. James to say she needed more bed rest and will stay at Eric's house until she recovers. She believes she can cause her former husband to fall in love with her again but is up against a lot of opposition. Spoilers indicate that, in addition to Quinn, Brooke will now be watching Ms. Carter closely.

Brooke Logan has remained close to Eric even after their troubled history.

She has a way of gaining his ear, and he often listens to her wise counsel. Spoilers indicate she will make her position regarding Sheila known. Brooke will express her opposition to her former husband having his crazy ex-spouse living under the roof with his current wife.

Please remember "The Bold and the Beautiful" will not air Monday because of the solar eclipse. The sun and the drama will return Tuesday, so stay tuned.