Teen Wolf” is in its final season and with only four more episodes left in the series, fans are eager to watch the events as they ready to bring down the curtains on the popular MTV show. Showrunner Jeff Davis has said that he has tried to give an appropriate ending to the series that would justify the characters as well as hopes of the audiences. Still, a few questions would remain unanswered, but viewers can look forward to finding some of the answers as a lot will be happening in these episodes. While Stiles and Derek would be making a comeback, Malia and Scott will be seen sharing their first kiss in this Sunday’s episode.

Malia-Scott kissing in new clip released by MTV

Will they or won’t they? This has been a question on the minds of fans for a long time, and finally, the answer is here. Malia and Scott want each other, and they come to know about their desires in the upcoming episode that will air this week. It sees the duo trapped in a life threatening situation, and it triggers them to think about each other and what their hearts desire. Well, they desire each other and want to be together. So, they kiss and seal their relationship.

Notably, the love story of Malia and Scott has been in the air for a while, and everyone could see it coming. There was a good deal of physical tension between the two friends, and they had moved towards something larger than friendship.

Their flirtatious talks and lovelorn looks were not without a reason as they did love each other. So, fans of the couple can rejoice as this love story will see a proper conclusion before the series comes to an end.

Stiles’ come back confirmed as Davis tries well-rounded ending

It is not just Scott and Malia fans who will get closure, fans of Stiles would also see him coming back along with Derek.

Showrunner Jeff Davis has confirmed their return, and though he is happy about their return, it also posed challenges for him as he had to wrap up the stories of many characters simultaneously. He found it quite difficult but still he has tried his best to end the series in a fashion that meets the expectations of the fans and also feels justified in terms of the characters.

He has made it clear that the ending of “Teen Wolf” would not happen in a cut-to-black manner. However, fans would not get all their queries resolved as actor Ryan Kelley aka Jordan Parrish has said that the finale will not tie up everything neatly. Due to lack of time, the show has been unable to wrap up everything, and thus, fans would have to live with a few unanswered questions.