Game of Thrones” ended its seventh season with more questions than answers. Episode 7 ended with several cliffhangers that we cannot wait to learn what happens next. It is still a long wait until Season 8 comes out, two years to be exact. Until then we have parked these questions for the producers and screenwriters to mull over until the show returns.

What was Tyrion thinking when he saw Jon enter Daenerys’ cabin?

Tyrion just stared at Jon’s disappearing back and stood in the shadows, as if listening intently to what was going on inside the room.

Of course, we knew what happened and very sure Tyrion knew too. But why did he look mad? Perhaps he was already thinking about the consequences of their actions. As what Peter Dinklage said in the video below, “It’s not good.”

Will Jon Snow and Daenerys have a child together?

One famous theory is that Daenerys will have Jon Snow’s child despite her belief that she is barren. This child will become the next ruler of Westeros. Likewise, the birth of this child will be the death of the Mother of Dragons. Of course, bringing this child into Season 8 continues the incest storyline in “Game of Thrones.”

Is Jaime finally over Cersei?

In the “Game of Thrones” Season 7 finale, we saw how Jaime reacted when Cersei threatened to have him killed if he leaves for the North.

He was in disbelief that his sister and only love would even think of killing him. The last we saw of Jaimie, he left Kings Landing possibly for Winterfell. Will he betray Cersei and tell Jon Snow about her intention not to send the Lannister army to the North?

Will Jon compete over the Iron Throne with Daenerys?

We learned that Jon Snow is the true heir to the Iron Throne since he is the son of Lynna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen.

Will this knowledge prompt him to pursue the throne or will he yield to Daenerys? One solution would be a marriage so both would rule Westeros. If this happens then Sansa takes over his position as ruler of the North.

What will happen to the North?

Will everyone in the North eventually move to the South? We saw the wall crumble and the White Walkers slowly made their way beyond.

For sure, Bran saw this too.

When did the Stark siblings plan Littlefinger’s death?

Littlefinger had the surprise of his life when Sansa sentenced him to death in the Season 7 finale. All the while, we thought Sansa had plans against Arya. We never saw when the siblings planned to expose Petyr Baelish’s betrayal.