Teen WolfSeason 6 Episode 12 titled “Raw Talent” is arriving this Sunday on MTV and spoilers suggest that love is in the air for Malia and Scott but it is going to be a rough ride for Derek Hale in Beacon Hills as the FBI is looking for him and now the hunters also seem to be in the same league as the investigative agency saw him in the footage. Also, it seems like all werewolves are in trouble and the hunters are after all and one. They appear to have arrived.

Malia and Scott coming closer as Stiles does not seem to have problem

Episode 12 marks the second episode of the second part of the current season of the MTV series and there are strong chances of a romance blooming between Malia and Scott.

As fans may have seen in the promotional videos of the twelfth episode, there is some physical tension between the two and it is difficult to deny that they would be getting closer in future. It is true that she and Stiles were together in the past but that is in the past. Their relationship is over and if she turns towards Scott, it seems unlikely that Stiles will object.

What makes the possibility of their romance brighter is the fact that Dylan O’Brien aka Stiles has very less time left in the current season. He will only be seen in a few more episodes. Also, Malia and Scott will be spending more time together as they search for the one to whom the unique bullet belonged. However, there is action and terror also lined up as Lydia would be dealing with her inner demons in the form of the Eichen House in the next episode.

Scott or Derek- Who is Halwyn searching for?

The twelfth episode of “Teen Wolf” Season 6 also spells trouble for werewolves in Beacon Hills. The last episode saw FBI finding Derek in the footage and the agency is set to come looking for him and Halwyn might also do the same. As of now, it is not clear who the latter is looking for because he did not mention any specific name while talking to Liam.

He just issued repeated warnings about the wild hunt and a big revelation.

In the eleventh episode i.e. “Said the Spider to the Fly,” he and Jordan Parrish had a nasty fight. Halywin ended up with the upper hand as he injured Parrish and then proceeded to Liam only to find out that he was not the right werewolf. So, viewers feel that he could be after Scott or even Derek and they are also wondering about the hunters. It seems like they have arrived in Beacon Hills and so, it not just Derek and Scott who are in danger, all werewolves are at peril.