Teen WolfSeason 6 is in its second arc of the final season and the viewers should get ready to see the story of these episodes turning back to its roots. This is to say that the MTV show will again get back to placing the werewolves against the hunters. It will not be about the werewolves fighting the supernatural forces but they will return to their old enemy- the humans. Also, the first few episodes in this arc will go slow and build up the tension for the big twists that will come in the last few.

Actors talks about “Teen Wolf” final season arc

At the recently-held Comic-Con, the “Teen Wolf” actors revealed that the last season is returning to its roots. Tyler Posey aka Scott said that the show is bringing back the old days of Season 1 where the tussle revolved around hunters vs werewolves. He explained that the show kind of did things that they had not attempted before and now they are going back to their roots where the main villain was humans. He also said that the season will see characters dealing with a psychological villain that will weigh them down.

Charlie Carver said that it was nice to have humans as villains when the show was coming to an end as it turns things back to a traditional point.

He finds the whole exercise fulfilling as the second arc is coming a full circle. Linden Ashby aka Noah said that Season 6 will see the characters dealing with fear and disunity. They will realize the impact of this negative energy and how it can increase manifold times. However, there is hope as well as they believe friends will rescue them.

Shelley Hennig stated that this season will see the characters most scared.

Season 6 B hinges heavily on fear

The second arc of “Teen Wolf” Season 6 has gotten off to a great start and the two episodes that have aired till date have garnered huge viewership. As the fans might have noticed, these episodes have hinted at Bacon Hills denizens being more aware of themselves than they are thought to be.

The first episode of the second arc saw Lydia going through a premonition about mass killings. The second episode saw Gerard unearthing the mystery called Tamora and it looks like she will become his most ferocious disciple.

Well, as of now, the episodes have not revealed a lot but they are setting up the tone for the big revelations and twists that are set to arrive in the coming episodes. The MTV show is taking things slowly at this point and all of it is a preparation for the big changes that will come out in the open in the penultimate episodes.