Leah Messer's daughter, Ali, was reportedly rushed to the hospital on Monday due to a condition called, muscular dystrophy. The sad news came in during the recent "Teen Mom 2" episode. According to the report from E! News, the reality star received a phone call from her former partner, Corey Simms, and it was confirmed that Ali was immediately rushed to the hospital. It was also learned that her condition has gotten worse. Messer's 7-year old daughter needs nothing more but prayers.

Difficulty of breathing

According to E! News, Simms made a phone call to Messer since he noticed that their daughter was already catching her breath.

During their phone call, Messer has also asked her former partner about the recent condition of their daughter. Apparently, he added that Ali was still doing fine; however, he just wanted to ensure the safety of his child than be sorry in the end.

The show's producer has also asked the reality star about Ali's condition. However, Messer has chosen not to respond to the question. She was also reported heading to her grandmother's house to drop off her second daughter, Addie, before rushing to the hospital. To recall, it was in 2014 when the former couple has confirmed about the rare condition about their daughter.

Perhaps, her health condition has gotten worse this time.

Health diagnosis

Back in 2014, Messer has already opened about the health diagnosis of her daughter. According to E! News, Ali's health disorder is an unusual condition which affects her regarding breathing. Further, Messer was also sad to share the news that her daughter's mysterious condition is no longer curable.

It was also reported that such disorder would continue to progress as Ali gets older.

Messer once told E! News that whenever Ali gains weight, it will be a lot harder for her to breathe since her muscles will have a hard time carrying the weight. In the recent episode of "Teen Mom 2," the show showed that her daughter was struggling.

Apart from her problems with breathing, Ali has also shared once that she also has difficulty in eating. It was also learned that Ali has already fallen from her wheelchair a lot of times in school.

Meanwhile, amid the split between Messer and Simms, the former couple has agreed to put the needs of their daughter first above anything else. In the recent episode of the series, the show ended with a cliffhanger as it featured Messer driving off in order to see her sick child.