Christina El Moussa is inching closer to getting a divorce from "Flip or Flop" co-host Tarek after she formally filed her petition to end their marriage just a few days ago. The filing was made after her estranged husband submitted his divorce papers in January.

Christina opens up about her divorce from Tarek

In an interview with ET Online, the female "Flip or Flop" host said that she is taking things "day by day" as she prepares for "a lot of things coming up" in her career. In fact, Christina just finished the proposal of her upcoming book before she starts to interview publishers for the project.

She hinted that the book will be based on her personal experiences and will discuss how she managed to cope with her divorce from Tarek. She is hoping that this project would inspire other people who are going through tough times.

The mother of two admitted that the media's reaction to their separation was too stressful and difficult to handle. Christina, however, added that the situation eventually calmed down several months after making their divorce public.

When asked about working side by side with her estranged husband as "Flip or Flop" co-hosts, Christina explained that both of them will continue doing what they do best for the HGTV program. "I still focus on the design, he still focuses on finding the house," the female host mused.

The El Moussas are back on 'Flip or Flop'

The 34-year-old blonde also revealed that both of them agreed to remain on the show despite what happened in their marriage. Aside from keeping their working relationship, the El Moussas also promised to co-parent their two children, Taylor (6) and Brayden (2), and remain good friends.

Christina confirmed that she is back on the "Flip or Flop" set with Tarek to film the new season. The El Moussas, however, are still unsure of how they will discuss their split on the program. The female host also assured that the new season will be "interesting" for the viewers who can expect for some fun and strange episodes.

She added that she and her estranged husband are trying to set aside their differences for the show and for their children. In fact, the former couple has agreed not to talk ill about each other to prove to their kids that they are still friends.

Although things have changed for both Christina and Tarek, the female El Moussa insisted that she would not change a thing about their decision to go separate ways.

"I Don't have any regrets. I think that things happen for a reason and this is just what was best for us. I think everything is as it should be," she said.

She went on the say that her past has shaped her into becoming a better person and mom to her son and daughter.