"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans isn't holding back when it comes to the information she's revealing in her new book. The MTV mom is diving deep into her personal life to let her readers in on some very private details of her life. One of the things that Jenelle is revealing about her life is what happened to her little-known brother, Colin.

Jenelle shares shocking personal details about her family

According to People Magazine, Jenelle Evans reveals in her new memoir, "Read Between The Lines: From The Diary Of a Teenage Mom," that her mother, Barbara Evans, made the very hard decision to put her brother, Colin, in a group home when he was only 9-years-old.

According to the "Teen Mom 2" star, she and all of her siblings suffer from "various emotional problems." However, back in 2000 when Colin was 9-years-old, things got worse for Jenelle's brother. She reveals that Colin set his toys on fire, which eventually led to the entire house going up in flames. Thankfully, everyone got out okay, but Barbara was left with a heartbreaking decision.

The 'TM2' star says she understands her mom's decision

Jenelle claimed the fire was her mother's "breaking point" when it came to Colin's behavior. Shortly after, Barbara decided to send Colin to a group home. The "Teen Mom 2" also said that her brother was "developmentally challenged," and that she never blamed her mom for making the tough choice to send him away.

In fact, Evans says she would have "done the same" in that situation. Later, Jenelle's mom spoke out about the situation. Barbara claims that the fire was not set intentionally, but that it was becoming "dangerous" for Colin to live in the home with the family and his siblings. Barbara calls the entire ordeal a "tough life."

Jenelle's book is full of shockers

The bombshell about Colin isn't the only shocking part about Jenelle Evans' book.

The "Teen Mom 2" star also details her troubled childhood, which included spending time with boys who were much older than herself and fighting with her mother.

In one passage, the mother-of-three reveals that while dating one of those boys, she contemplated suicide and nearly made the choice to kill herself and film her own death.

The details of the book are stunning and tragic.

The reality star's life is much better now

However, Jenelle says she's doing much better these days. Although her relationship with her mother is strained, Evans is currently engaged to boyfriend David Eason, has graduated from college, and even recently built her dream house. Next on her list is getting custody of oldest son, Jace, back from Barbara.