"Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry has not always has the best relationship with her parents. As many viewers know, she's only spoken to her father a handful of times, and she has a very rocky relationship with her mother. Fans have seen Kail's mom, Suzi on the show from time to time, especially in the early years of the series. However, Lowry mostly stays mum on her mother, whom she has revealed has substance abuse problems. However, Kail did reach out to her mom after the birth of her third son, but things didn't go exactly as planned for the MTV reality star.

Kailyn reveals she reached out to Suzi

According to Radar Online, Kailyn Lowry says she tried to contact her mother, Suzi, after she gave birth to her youngest son in early August. The baby boy, whose name has not yet been revealed, was born on August 4, and has yet to meet his grandmother. Lowry says that she reached out to Suzi, but "got nothing" back in the way of response from her mother. Many "Teen Mom 2" fans may remember that Kail went to live with Suzi after she and Jo Rivera split, but Lowry soon left the home after she got into an altercation with her mother's then boyfriend.

Kail and Suzi's rocky relationship

After Kailyn Lowry moved out of her mother's home, Suzi proceeded to block her daughter's phone number so that Kail could not contact her.

However, after the "Teen Mom" married Javi Marroquin and welcomed her second son, Lincoln, the mother and daughter briefly reconciled. Sadly, their reunion was not a happy one. Lowry claims that she took Lincoln to Suzi's house so that she could babysit her grandson and when Kail returned she found her mother, whom she says in an alcoholic, drunk and Lincoln's diaper on backwards.

Kailyn added that her mother had given Lincoln a mixture of foods during that time as well.

Lowry's painful childhood revealed

Kailyn Lowry has spoke out about her painful childhood in the past, revealing that her mother used to drink and drive with her in the car. The "Teen Mom 2" star also revealed that her mom would drop her off with friends and then not call her for days at a time.

Lowry sadly revealed that she often wondered if she would ever see her mother again after that. Now, it looks like Suzi is disappointing Kailyn yet again, and seemingly has no interest in meeting her newest grandson, whose father is Chris Lopez. Many fans believe Kailyn should cut Suzi out of her life for good, but it seems that she wants her mom to at least meet her youngest child.