"Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry is reportedly stressing out over a possible custody battle over her newborn son. Kailyn and her baby daddy, Chris Lopez, are allegedly on the brink of a battle for custody of their newborn baby boy, whose name has yet to be revealed. The child was born on August 4, and since that time Kail and Chris have been working together to take care of their new little bundle of joy. However, their friendly relationship may be over.

Chris' mother wants him to get full custody of 'Baby Lo'

A source close to the situation recently revealed that Chris Lopez's mother is allegedly pushing her son to take Kailyn Lowry to court for custody of their son.

Chris' mother reportedly wants her son to try to get full custody of the baby boy. Lopez is said to have no interest in taking the baby away from the "Teen Mom 2" star at this point in time, but his mother is allegedly worried about her and her son's visitation rights with the newborn. Lowry is reportedly furious over the entire situation and is "shocked and disgusted" that Chris would consider taking her to court. "It's unbelievable to her," the insider dished, via Hollywood Life.

Kail is shocked by the news

Kailyn Lowry is said to be in a "tailspin" at the moment upon hearing the news that Chris Lopez could be considering taking her to court for custody of her youngest son. The "Teen Mom 2" star reportedly still has a lot of pregnancy hormones running through her body, and has been very emotional.

Lowry is reportedly "exhausted and sleep deprived" which isn't helping matters at all. Meanwhile, Kail is said to be trying to "difuse" the situation. She has allegedly been trying to make nice with Chris' mother, making sure that she's very involved in the baby's life at this point. Lowry is allegedly hoping that Lopez's mother will see her in action and realize what a great mom she really is to all three of her boys.

Co-parenting drama

As "Teen Mom 2" viewers know, Kailyn Lowry has two older sons from previous relationships. Isaac Elliot, 7, and Lincoln Marshall, 3. Kailyn currently has very good co-parenting relationships with both of their fathers, Jo Rivera and Javi Marroquin, and is likely open to working out a co-parenting schedule with Chris Lopez as well.

However, if things get bad and Chris and Kail do end up going to court over custody of "Baby Lo," fans are fully expecting the mother-of-three to fight with everything she has in order to keep her son in her home with his two older brothers.