Mike and Harvey seek help from outside in order to overcome an impossible situation. Meanwhile, an unexpected encounter derails Louis’ search for a new associate in “Suits” Season 7, Episode 8. Warning: This article contains spoilers from the new episode.

Official promo trailer – Episode 8

In the preview trailer, Harvey thinks Mike has a plan and indeed Mike has one. Meanwhile, Rachel meets Mike and Harvey and she tells them that she doesn’t have a problem playing with fire, but her problem is being left out of the game. Meanwhile, Alex is upset and he tells Mike that it is only a matter of time that he has a bull’s eye on his back.

Watch the complete trailer below.

What is in store in the 100th episode?

Executive producer Aaron Korsh spoke with TV Line about the 100th installment. He cleared that the special episode will not showcase any wedding despite Mike and Rachel being engaged. Mike and Harvey seek outside assistance to deal with the situation related to Alex.

Towards the end of the promo video, Louis is shown shocked to see someone. According to Korsh, the writer of the episode, Rick Muirragui, has planned something special for the viewers. Is it possible that Louis will get a blast from the past? The executive producer teased that instead of looking at who is on the other side, it is about putting Louis in a situation where fans have never seen him before.

“He’s going to have a difficult decision to make as a result. It’s going to have what we like to think is a cool parallel [to what’s] going on with Donna,” Korsh revealed.

Mark Meadows returns in the new episode

Patrick J. Adams, who plays Mike, spoke with Entertainment Weekly and revealed that Mark is back and they [Mark and Donna] have some great scenes together.

He also mentioned that it is a “nice” installment for both Louis and Donna as they come face-to-face with the “crushing sense of loneliness.” When Mark makes a comeback, it will trigger some emotions in Donna as she deals with them and gets reconnected. During the interview, Adams praised the writer of episode 8 for doing a good job and help them celebrate the milestone along with the viewers.

He also stated that in “100,” Harvey and Mike will work together like a solid unit in order to find a solution to the problem. The episode is also likely to open doors for the main characters on a deeper and personal level, the actor noted. Watch “Suits” Season 7, episode 8 online via live stream on the USA at 9 p.m. EST.