Chris Pratt, the well-known American actor, made an appearance at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards this Sunday. This was the first time that Pratt had made a public appearance, since he and Anna Faris announced the end of their marriage just recently. Pratt received an award for his role in "Guardians Of The Galaxy". Other notable appearances included Bruno Mars, Zendaya and the cast of Riverdale. Miley Cyrus, however, pulled out at the last minute due to a busy schedule.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris confirmed that they had split up last week.

The two had been married for 8 years and seemed to be one of the most solid couples in Hollywood. However, Pratt took to Facebook last week to announce their separation. According to E News, Pratt told fans that they had both tried really hard to save their relationship. He said he was disappointed that it had to end like this. Pratt also asked that fans respect their privacy, according to CNN. He said that it was important to them both that their son was able to still respect both of his parents and know that he is loved by them both.

Faris spoke about the legal separation for the first time during a podcast on Tuesday last week. She told fans that it is important for everyone to remember their self-worth, even when they are in a relationship.

According to E News, Faris said that she may have been too keen to be in a relationship that she just jumped in and forgot her independence.

The 2017 Teen Choice Awards

Chris Pratt made his first public appearance following their announcement on Sunday night. Pratt went to the Teen Choice Awards to receive an award for his role in "Guardians of the Galaxy." Pratt made no mention of Faris or of his son.

According to CNN, he thanked Jesus in his acceptance speech. He also thanked his fans for their support and commended "Guardians of the Galaxy" writer and director, James Gunn, for his achievements.

Pratt then went on to explain a little of his journey as an actor. He said that he had moved to the Hollywood from Hawaii when he was starting out as an actor.

He had been the typical surfer boy with long blonde hair. He explained that it had been hard work to get where he is and that he is always thankful for the support and recognition that he receives.

It certainly has been a difficult week for these two ex-lovebirds. Our thoughts are with them as they navigate these new challenges. And we look forward to many more "Guardian of the Galaxy" movies.