The final episode of the popular Orphan Black television series has finally aired, revealing the aftermath of the Clone Club’s long fight against neolution. The last episode also showed Sarah Manning’s past, featuring the late Siobhan Sadler.

The previous episode of “Orphan Black” season 5 showed how Helena was abducted by Percival “P.T.” Westmoreland and Dr. Virginia Coady with the help of the deceived Mark Rollins and Gracie Johanssen. The Clone Club was only able to learn about Helena’s kidnapping when the nun visited them.

After finding out that Rachel Duncan had the biggest target on her head, Clone Club decided to use her identity to get into Dyad Institute to save Helena.

However, Westmoreland wasn’t easily fooled by Sarah’s mask, and because of an unexpected turn of things, Sarah was spared so she could save Helena’s life.

Sarah’s past and Helena’s twins

In the final episode of the final season of “Orphan Black,” Sarah and Helena were able to kill Coady and Westmoreland, but Helena was already on the brink of giving birth. The creators of the series connected this event to Sarah’s own experience when she first found out she was pregnant with Kira.

The series visited Sarah’s past, back when Siobhan was still alive, and the two were arguing about whether Sarah should push through with the abortion or just have the baby. Sarah eventually had Kira, and helping out Helena in delivering her twins reminded her of how Siobhan was there for her when she gave birth to Kira.

Clone Club’s fight continues

The Clone Club may have won their big fight against Dyad Institute and neolution, but the clones are now forced to face the other trivial problems in life. Helena and her twins are now living in the Hendricks’ garage while Allison is enjoying music after emancipating herself.

Cosima has found the cure for her fellow Leda clones and Rachel has helped out by giving her the list of all the names of the clones, revealing that there were less than 300 Leda clones left in the entire world.

Meanwhile, Sarah is having the toughest time among the clones.

Shortly after bringing down Dyad Institute and neolution, Sarah finally has to face the fact that her mother is gone and that she’ll have to raise her daughter on her own. She decides to go back to high school so she can graduate and get a decent job.

Just before the final episode ended, the show revealed that Helena’s journal was actually a story about her and her sisters, which she titled “Orphan Black," and reminded viewers of the first episode of the series when Sarah was at the train station. Helena also named her two sons after Arthur and Donnie, who she looked up to as real men.