Jenelle Evans of "Teen Mom 2" is never short on drama, specifically when it comes to the men in her life. Recently, the mom of three owned up to the fact that she tried to get ex-fiance Nathan Griffith's girlfriend fired from her job as an addiction counsellor by leaving her a negative review on She has also been engaging in Twitter wars with Nathan over the toddler they share together, 3-year-old Kaiser. Nathan has, on several occasions, alleged that Jenelle has mistreated or abused their son, and claims that Kaiser is scared of her fiance, David Eason.

But now, the newest drama seems to be going down between the two men in her life.

Nathan and David in a Twitter war

Nathan and David are now engaging in an all-out Twitter war against one another, specifically over Jenelle and Nathan's son, Kaiser. The issue stems from the fact that Jenelle often times refuses to communicate with Nathan about issues pertaining to their son, and instead uses David as a go-between in order to discuss pick-up times and other issues that might arise when parenting him. However, since David is not Kaiser's actual parent, predictably, there is tension between the pair.

Recently, Nathan took to Twitter to complain about David's actions, saying that he had called him a "queer" in front of Nathan's young son.

While Kaiser is too young to understand this, and it isn't necessarily derogatory in the first place, Nathan has been raging on Twitter about it to his fans and followers. According to Nathan, David has talked negatively about him in front of his mother and his son, while he tries to be nothing but nice regarding the pair.

Nathan stated the following on Twitter in regard to David: "Anyways, DAVID EASON, if you want to man up for once and talk to me like a man, face to face, I would love to exchange words like adults.

Because your ‘man friend’ wants to call me a f***ing queer in front of my mom and my son without me there but is always nice to my face."

He claims Jenelle is in contempt of court

Recently, Nathan released several images of messages between himself and Jenelle Evans. Jenelle appears to watch his moves like a hawk via social media, and tries to ensure that he is following court orders in regard to his visitation at all times.

However, Nathan claims that Jenelle is in contempt of court herself and needs to be called out on it. Nathan says that Jenelle blocks his number repeatedly when she "gets her 2 cents in," which she is not allowed to do as they need to be available to one another at all times to ensure the safety of their son. He has also claimed that Jenelle will press for more rights as Kaiser's primary custodian until their son is grown up because she simply wants to get her way.

What do you think about this latest drama?