Tay-Tay is back! According to many, her comeback Album "Reputation" is a Kanye West diss. His wife Kim Kardashian, who also played a role in the infamous Snapchat drama last year, is now scared of the backlash.

Swift's social media disappearance

It all started with Taylor Swift wiping out the content on all her social media accounts. This action of hers was flooding everyone's news feed. "What's up with Tay-Tay?" was the big question. People just couldn't stop talking about it. The Internet was so worried about it because it was right after her court victory against David Mueller.

You can't blame the Swifties for being so concerned.

Then, we all saw the cryptic posts and the videos. After all of that, we were graced with a glorious shot of Taylor Swift shown on our screens. #TaylorSwift

Behold, the new album ladies and gentlemen: "Reputation."

Thank goodness, that's all cleared up. After all the frenzy, we'll all be on our toes, waiting for November.

Her new single "Look What You Made Me Do" was just released last Thursday and fans are going crazy. This song is the first one that was released from the new album and it has some electro-pop vibe going on. #LookWhatYouMadeMeDo

When you're done listening to the song, it's definitely not the usual T-Swift music. This even makes it more interesting and refreshing.

For her to delve into a different space and incorporate her own tune into it is undeniably unique.

Though the last album "1989" was released in 2014, it garnered a lot of attention. The remarkable songs were "Shake It Off," "Blank Space," and "Style" all topping the Billboard Hot 100.

For Taylor Swift fans this has probably been a most excruciating wait.

Ever since her debut in 2006, she has released a total of six albums. The slated album "Reputation" will be the seventh. There will definitely be major expectations for this new album. #Reputation

Since her social media hiatus, people have noticed a big difference in her social media activities. There's scarcity of her posts.

Well, you can't blame the iconic pop star for staying out of the limelight just for a little bit.

Though she's been busy contributing to other artists in terms of songwriting, people just want her to take center stage. This is why the Internet can't wait to get hold of Taylor Swift once more.

This year will be a big celebration for her loyal fans around the world. In light of her music, we hope that there will be more surprises to come.