Michael Weatherly and Mark Harmon might give fans an exciting storyline and reunion in the new “NCIS” season 15. Viewers all over the world are all thrilled as they could finally see the great actor again, Weatherly in "NCIS." Yet, fans are worried about Mark Harmon’s character, as he will be in danger?

Mark Harmon, plays Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, while Sean Murray plays Agent Tim McGee will look desolated as they were left in a rebel area in Paraguay. The two will be prisoners in “NCIS” Season 15 series, as they were reportedly captured and became hostages by the Paraguay rebels.

Mark Harmon will be struggling in the upcoming season of 'NCIS'

A photo has been shared on several social media sites which showed the actors, Sean Murray and Mark Harmon struggling. As per reports, the two special agents will be seen bearded in the first episode of Season 15, as they come up with their new challenges. Harmon and Murray’s respective lives will be in a problematic position. The two special agents along with their teammate, Agent Torres, which is portrayed by Wilmer Valderrama needed to seek for the missing Navy Seal and save the children who were hostage by the rebels in Paraguay.

Unfortunately, they did not finish their mission for the said rebels captured them. Agent Torres secured the hostages of the dangerous group for the hostage to finally be able to escape, but Gibbs decided to stay in Paraguay.

'NCIS' new season features a time jump

The “NCIS” showrunner, Frank Cardea revealed that the new storyline will be featuring a jump in time. The series will definitely continue the finale episode in the news season. Cardea also added that the creators would offer some flashbacks this new season. He also stated that the trouble Harmon is in might put his character is in a very risky condition.

Because of this, the viewers are worried about Harmon’s character in the future of "NCIS" especially because if his health troubles. But, Harmon has already joined the new season, which could possibly mean that he will not be leaving the show anytime soon.

Meanwhile, Cardea stated that some characters will return to the series.

Meanwhile, Robert Wagner is reportedly returning to the series to portray Anthony DiNozzo Sr. But, Weatherly’s comeback is still to be confirmed by CBS.

F“NCIS” Season 15 will return to small screens on September 26, 207 in CBS network starring Mark Harmon and more.