The infamous Blac Chyna is a model and a reality star. The Rob Kardashian porn attack might have made her more popular, and she's therefore aware of the attention around her. She is going to grab the opportunity and launch her new career. Only time will tell if she will be more dope than Nicki Minaj.

Rob Was Humiliating Her.

Rob Kardashian shared some graphic pictures of Chyna’s butt, breasts, and genitals. To make it even worse, Rob was making fun about how she looks and at some instances was laughing over “overly large” nipples that he thought Chyna had and they weren’t that big when she recently gave birth.

Rob could face serious legal action because of his silly move. Revenge porn is illegal and punishable by law and what he did to Chyna is too much. Moreover, she accused Rob Kardashian of domestic violence, a case more severe than revenge porn. Rob is in more trouble than he expected.

Regardless of how this drama ends, their nine-month-old daughter, Dream will be affected by the outcome negatively.

Blac Chyna is really serious about her music career

With all that in her head, Chyna is considering diving into a new career - music, according to TMZ reports. She aspires to be the next Nicki Minaj. Well, the real Nicki Minaj is up and active, friends.

Multiple sources have revealed to TMZ that she has been spending quite some time in a recording studio and she’s said to be negotiating with major record labels and has struck a deal with Capital Records.

Wondering what kind of music she will be doing?

Traditional singing, rap music and, I don’t know what this means but yes, poetry music. Both Nicki Minaj and Blac Chyna appeared for cameo roles in the ‘Rake It Up’ video recently. It is a song by Yo Gotti. TMZ believes that Chyna’s decision to make music was influenced by this experience.

Blac Chyna gained popularity and was put on the map because of her similarity to Nicki Minaj. They look like twins.

If you were not quick enough to notice, Chyna had fewer ties with the Kardashians the moment Tyga and Kylie broke up. We aren’t sure whether she is after money or not, but Chyna is fighting for her child support, and she hopes they will come to some agreement.

TMZ says Blac Chyna is not interested in diss tracks, so don’t expect her to retaliate, not even after Pilot Jones dissed her. We are yet to know if her interest in music is passionate or if she just wants to remain relevant and make some money too. Only time will tell.