Closing Arguments were made yesterday at Taylor Swift's trial against former DJ David Mueller, and the 25-year-old wept throughout - according to US Weekly. Swift told the court that David Mueller sexually assaulted her during a backstage meet-and-greet in June 2013. The star said Mueller put his hand under her skirt and groped her bare backside while a photograph was being taken.

Speaking about the incident, Swift revealed in court on Thursday, August 10, the groping lasted a significant amount of time, adding Mueller didn't let go as the star tried to move away from him.

She said she was "visibly uncomfortable" and the situation affected her afterward. Mueller was escorted from the premises shortly after the alleged incident by Swift's bodyguard. He was subsequently fired from his post at 98.5 KYGO after Swift informed bosses of the incident.

Mueller's attorney claims Swift is not telling the truth

Gabe McFarland, Mueller's attorney, argued that Swift's appearance in the infamous photograph did not show any signs of distress. McFarland reportedly showed the picture to the jury and asked them if her face showed any visible signs of discomfort. He claimed the photograph showed "the face of someone who has taken a nice photograph". According to US Weekly, Swift began shedding tears at this point.

McFarland went on to state the reasons why his client, David Mueller, did not commit the alleged assault. The attorney stressed Mueller's love for his career and his financial income as two significant reasons he wouldn't risk assaulting the star. He added Mueller recently started working with his best friend, which he described as his client's "dream job".

Mueller claims he didn't assault the star

David Mueller took the stand during his trial against Taylor Swift on Thursday, August 10. The former DJ told the court he didn't touch the star inappropriately and said he felt "what seemed to be a rib cage or ribs". Mueller said he wanted to clear his name as his reputation and career are ruined.

He told the court the only way he would be able to work again was if his name was cleared.

On Friday, August 11, Judge William Martinez, who was overseeing the trial, dismissed Mueller's case against Swift. Judge Martinez said Mueller could not prove Swift deliberately set out to have him fired after the alleged incident. Taylor counter-sued Mueller, seeking a symbolic $1 in the case.