On Monday, August 14, the Taylor Swift's groping trial came to an end. The jury ruled in her favor, and DJ David Mueller was ordered to pay her the symbolic $1 she requested. The iconic singer said she was not in it for the money. She wanted to stand up for what is right not just for her but for women everywhere. She pledged to donate to various organizations that help sexual assault victims defend themselves.

After the verdict was read in the courtroom, her mother, Andrea, was overcome with emotion. The 27-year-old singer mouthed to supporters in the courtroom a "thank you." Swift issued a statement thanking the judge, jury, her attorneys, and others for fighting for her over the last four years.

About the case

Even though the trial ended on August 14, 2017, the reason for the trial goes back to June 2013 when the singer was backstage at a meet-and-greet in Denver. She accused DJ Mueller of putting his hand under her skirt. At the time, he was a disc jockey for 98.5 KYGO but was fired after the alleged groping incident was addressed.

Swift and her mother notified the radio station about what had happened, but they never requested that Mueller should lose his job. They did not go to the police because they wanted to keep the matter private. Mueller sued Swift for damages because he blamed her for losing his $150,000 job and destroying his career that he had worked 20 years to build. She filed a countersuit and requested a dollar.

During the trial, the "Bad Blood" singer and her mother testified. Swift insisted that she was not mistaken about Mueller grabbing her on her behind. The former DJ admitted that he touched her on the ribs but not her butt.

Outcome of trial

In Mueller's original lawsuit, he requested $3 million in damages. During closing arguments, his attorney said his client would settle for $250,000.

The case was dismissed on Friday, August 11 after a judge ruled that there was no proof that Swift was the cause of him being terminated from his job at the radio station.

The verdict on Monday was for the lawsuit Mueller filed against Andrea Swift, the singer's mother and Frank Bell, a radio promotions director. The jury, made up of six women and two men, deliberated for four hours before siding with the singer.

The well-known contemporary female recording artist hopes the verdict she received will inspire assault victims to take action if something like that happens to them.