Andy Cohen learned on Twitter that Luann de Lesseps had filed for divorce from her husband Tom in Sag Harbor just a few weeks ago. It sounds like he is convinced that something must have happened in the marriage, as he had asked her just days prior if she was happy. Luann had appeared on "Watch What Happens Live," where Andy had inquired about the slap that was making headlines across the country.

In addition to this interview, Cohen had also filmed the "Real Housewives of New York" reunion special with just a few weeks prior to the divorce filing and he revealed that he did seem a bit uncomfortable at times.

It was as if she was hinting something wasn't right during filming. He also admitted that it is interesting to see how everything has unfolded, and some of Luann's comments and remarks during the reunion may now make more sense to him.

Will she open up to him about her divorce?

It is no secret that Andy Cohen is friendly with many of the "Real Housewives" stars and is often available to talk to them about private matters. He has become close friends with Bethenny Frankel over the years, so it makes sense that he would be there for Luann as well. According to a new Bravo report, Andy Cohen is now revealing that he is planning on speaking to her as soon as possible to get the scoop about what really went wrong.

De Lesseps hasn't talked to anyone at present time about the divorce decision but she has revealed that she is in a happy place, as she recently went to Switzerland to recover from the divorce filing.

She may trust him to do the best job

Andy Cohen reveals that he plans on speaking to Luann as soon as possible because he wants to know what went wrong.

One can imagine that he will be granted an interview with Luann as soon as she is ready to speak out about what went wrong. It is quite possible that she will have some interesting stories to tell, as she remains confident about her decision to marry him after he was caught cheating.

"The reunion takes on a new meaning when you know the ending of the story, frankly,” Andy Cohen has revealed, adding, “So, it’s interesting seeing it through that lens … I look forward to talking to Lu about where she's at as soon as I can.”

Andy may bring up the fact that her friend Barbara was caught on microphone saying that Luann would much rather get married and then divorced than to call it off because of his cheating.

This is something that she may have to answer to on the reunion special. If not, then Andy may ask her about it during a one on one interview with her.

Are you surprised that Andy Cohen may have seen the signs on the reunion special without realizing it? Are you excited to see what he means when the reunion airs this week on Bravo?