Jenelle Evans is currently discussing a wedding date on "Teen Mom 2" as her boyfriend David Eason proposed to her a few episodes ago. Jenelle had a feeling that the proposal was coming, as the two had talked about spending the rest of their lives together and they just welcomed a baby girl in January. Even though Jenelle had hinted she was done having children, it sounds like her relationship with David may have changed her opinion about having kids. These days, Evans is trying to create a stable home for her three children and she's hoping to prove to a judge that she's ready to bring home Jace.

To create a steady home, Jenelle is planning a wedding. She's been wanting to get married for a long time since her marriage to Courtland Rogers didn't work out as she had expected. She ended up being addicted to heroin and she had to work hard to get sober again. But these days, it sounds like she's getting ready to settle down.

According to a new Instagram post, Jenelle Evans recently picked up her wedding dress. It sounds like she picked it up in New York, as she also posted about her son being fitted for his suit and them spending time in Central Park. It is quite possible that she could get married this weekend.

Trip to New York and fittings

She didn't reveal why the whole family traveled to New York, but it is possible that she's getting married there and they are taking the whole family on a trip so they can hang out together for a bit.

Maybe Jenelle Evans invited Jace with her to New York, so he could spend some time with them before they get married.

Since Jace went for a suit fitting and Jenelle has picked up her dress, it is quite possible that the wedding will take place this weekend or next weekend. She hasn't announced a date, as one can imagine that she wants to keep her wedding secret.

The last thing she wants is having fans and people there trying to ruin her special day.

Big city wedding?

It is possible that Jenelle Evans and David will get married in North Carolina, but it is also possible that they are doing a destination wedding. Maybe they have traveled to the big city to get married in New York, as they have been spending a few days there.

But given how Jenelle often likes to travel to warm destinations, it wouldn't be surprising if she got married in a beach wedding.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans' Instagram posts, where she hints that her wedding will take place soon? Are you surprised that she hasn't shared much with fans?