While fans of Taylor Swift are so hyped up and excited for the upcoming launch of her album as well as the recent release of her first single, "Look What You Made Me Do," fans of Beyonce are not so pleased. Why? According to Mail Online, fans of Beyonce, also known as Queen B, have noticed some similarities with Swift's new music video and "lemonade." Lyrics-wise, there's no clear similarities but aesthetically-wise, the fans of Beyonce clearly have a point. Some fans of Swift believe that it might too early for fans of Beyonce to make that call, considering that the full video for "Look What You Made Me Do" hasn't been released yet.

However, fans of Beyonce believe that still from the teasers of Swift's newest video says it all. Is this the beginning of a big fight between two of the greatest existing fandoms?

Side by side screengrabs

The feud between Taylor Swift and Beyonce's fans can pretty much be considered as an online feud, with keyboard warriors defending each other camps virtually. As expected, several evidences were presented via memes and screengrabs. Fans of Beyonce began putting screengrabs of "Look What You Made Me Do" teaser and "Lemonade" video.

Apparently, a lot of Beyonce references have been ticked off by the fans, going beyond the "Lemonade" video. Perhaps one of the biggest similarities taken in point is the wearing of fishnets and leotards.

In Taylor's new video, she is seen sporting a contemporary-gothic look while surrounded by a posse garbed in black. Her fishnet and tights outfit looks eerily similar to what Beyonce wore during her live performance for "Formation."

Off to a wrong start?

Aside from triggering Beyonce's fans, it looks like Taylor's new song also disappointed some of her fans who expressed their opinions on social media.

"Look What You Made Me Do" was clearly a diss track for Swift's nemesis like Katy Perry, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Gone are those days when sweet and innocent Taylor would only sing about love and loss and teenage heartbreak. Now, she seemed to have embraced her darker side and is also sporting a gothic look. Fans are hoping that the other songs from the album "Reputation" would still have a touch of the old Taylor, the one that song upbeat, feel-good pop songs.

As of writing, reps for Beyonce have yet to comment on the issue. Meanwhile, "Reputation" is all set to be launched on November 10. Fans can pre-order the album by going to Taylor Swift's official website.