It looks like the Taylor Swift and Katy Perry's feud is far from over. The two pop icons have long been taking shots at each other -- directly and indirectly. The "Wildest Dreams" singer might be on hiatus, but recent reports reveal that she has once again made a move that takes a shot at the "Roar" singer. Is the "Shake It Off" singer trying to sabotage Katy Perry's upcoming album release? Or are the fans simply magnifying certain events that actually mean nothing? We have gathered some clues relating to the Taylor Swift and Katy Perry head-to-head battle, which has something to do with their songs being digitally streamed online.

According to reports from E! Online, Taylor Swift's songs will be back on all streaming services as a way of celebrating and thanking her fans for her album "1989" selling more than 10 million copies.

She's back after three years

Fans of the "Style" singer know all too well that it has been almost three years since T. Swift's songs have been available on Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon Music. The songstress' comeback to major streaming services is supposedly a way of giving back to the fans, but Katy Perry's fans seem to have noticed something fishy.

Taylor Swift's timing in terms of returning to streaming services seems to overlap with Katy Perry's upcoming album release. The "Chained To The Rhythm" singer has been vocal about her feud with Taylor Swift and the former's fans are always on the lookout for a jab or another strike from the other party.

The 32-year old singer has been quoted saying that as much as she wants to turn the other cheek, she's not really a pushover and she gets irritated when someone tries to assassinate her character in front of her fans. Now that it appears that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are launching something big at the same time, will this add another ember to their already existing feud?

Another calculated clap back

Many write-ups about Taylor Swift have revealed that the "Bad Blood" singer might not be all sugar and spice and everything nice. In fact, the 27-year old multi-award-winning singer has been accused of being a manipulative individual that subtly makes calculated clap backs.

The timing of her return to major streaming services has sparked controversy, as it appears to coincide with Katy Perry's album release. As of this writing, reps for both Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have not yet commented on this seemingly strange coincidence.