Aaron Carter has been making headlines every week since July following his claims of body shaming and his DUI arrest. But whether or not this is all a publicity stunt for Carter to gain buzz for his upcoming album remains unclear. The 30-year old constantly engages with his fans and Haters on Twitter, a social media channel that he once quit in June after all the hate tweets he had been receiving. On Friday, August 25, he once again took to Twitter to share some thoughts on the comments he had been receiving online.

'My future is based on my character'

Aaron Carter has been long accused of being a drug addict, given that several of the Carter family have had personal struggles with addiction. Back in 2012, Carter's sister Leslie died from an accidental drug overdose following a battle with depression and addiction to prescribed drugs. Backstreet Boys band member Nick Carter also admitted he struggled with drug and alcohol abuse, but sobered up after his cardiomyopathy diagnosis in 2014. Aaron, on the other hand, insists that it's his hiatal hernia that keeps him on the meds. He published a note on Twitter that read, "People are always going to say what they want to say and feel how they want to feel.

one thing that I've learned in my life is that we can't change people and we can't please everyone and with that being said, I'm just gonna continue living my life....staying healthy and remaining strong throughout all the obstacles....My future is based on my character."

Artist encourages followers to 'understand hate to know love'

The 30-year old singer, who often engages with both fans and haters online, also said in the note, "I ask for love to be shared and not negativity.

You have to understand hate to know love." The same can be said for himself, as he recently broke up with girlfriend Madison Parker, who he claims to not know. He recently threw shade at her by responding to a tweet about her, writing "Who's Madison?"

Carter insists on NDA before dating

Aaron Carter, who was recently linked to Porcelain Black, insists he requires women to sign a non-disclosure agreement or NDA before he can date her.

In response to people who asked "What does a women (sic) need to do to impress you?" and "What does a man need to do to impress you?" the singer replied, "Sign an NDA." He also posted a photo of a metal detector with the caption, "Watch out for golddiggers."

Singer engages with haters online

As much as Aaron Carter wants to live a positive life, he's also contradicting himself by engaging with haters. He did, admit though, "Haters don't get me down they help me sell records," so it also may be a publicity stunt on his end.