Months before the premiere of “Supernatural” Season 13, fans are still asking, who will be this season’s king of hell? Unfortunately, it is an official bye-bye for Mark Sheppard who sat on the throne, on and off, for more than seven years but the good news is that our heroes, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are still alive.

Fans of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles cannot really consider Crowley to be the biggest villain in “Supernatural” Season 13. In fact, he is one of those characters out there who are loved for playing such characters. Can we expect Lucifer to throw more problems at the Winchester brothers again?

Or are we going to be introduced to another?

What should fans expect in ‘Supernatural’ Season 13?

According to Screenrant, executive producer Andrew Dabb mentioned in a statement that like they will be bringing someone “familiar” into the picture. This sounds great yet vague. Because how many villains did we have on “Supernatural?” Too many to count. But surely, we can remember at least three prominent villains that might join “Supernatural season 13?”

One could be Michael, who we know is still in Adam’s body, who is also still in the cage. If ever Michael does come back, it is possible the angel holds a grudge. Even if he does leave Adam’s body, it can result in a tortured soul that becomes deadly on Earth (remember what happened to soulless Sam?).

And then there was Death. This character was one of the best ones there ever was. Although Death was long gone, his easy passing was not that convincing. He is, so far, the most powerful horseman who just got caught between Dean and his own scythe.

More and more twists are coming your way

Maybe it's someone bad from the start, since the rebirth of Mary and an alternate Bobby, it is possible that there is an alternate Azazel.

That is if he remains vicious even in another dimension.

It is possible then these theories are from a different angle, but whoever does come back, it is going to be such a blast (Charlie Bradbury please).

Viewers should also prepare themselves for the new season as the Winchester brothers are expected to deal with Jack, Lucifer’s son, and their difference in approach might set off another disagreement between the two.

Mary Winchester might also be helping her sons somewhere in the future.

Andrew Dabb also hinted that multiple characters will return in Supernatural” Season 13 as the plot deems it fit. And if Jodie Mills’ show-up rate in the show is not enough, you are probably dying for a spin-off that has her in it. Good news, it is coming up! The show is expected to be called 'Wayward Sisters' and we are looking forward to watching every cross-over the show runners can come up with.