The tradition of soap opera watching is not dead yet. This is proven by CBS’ long running drama, “The Bold and the Beautiful that continues to keep fans interested with drama-filled storylines. We have plenty of spoilers for the popular soap — here's the latest.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

The fashion battle in Monte Carlo has been close to brimming for a while now but it seems like Spectra will indeed emerge on top of the game. Most of the characters in The Bold and the Beautifulare under their own dilemmas, especially RJ and Coco who are involved in a horrific accident.

Because of this, it is possible that for the next coming episodes, Spectra, played by Courtney Hope, will lead the best days of her life pulling out of the family drama.. Which will probably not last long.

Courtney Hope is going the be a 2017 version of Sally Spectra. Soap opera fans are hoping she gets to follow in Sally's footsteps. We’ve been told that this is the 27-year-old actress’ initial soap opera role after guesting on shows that require one-episode portrayals. Good luck, Courtney!

What happens to RJ?

Going back to the future of the soap opera, the car accident, as mentioned above, will be the result of RJ’s hard-headedness when it comes to showing off to Coco. Unfortunately, this is not just under RJ’s name as Coco ends up crashing the car herself.

Seriously, texting while driving? That's against the law in some states. Fortunately, it's just a soap opera and not the real deal.

In the end, RJ’s got the worse out of their luck and Coco has to deal with it. And the one thing we all know that could absolutely ruin a relationship when it comes to soap operas and, well, in real life is to have secrets.

And it's clear that there are secrets here — it is written all over Maya and Zende’s face. It seems like the secret they are keeping is far more dangerous if Nicole ends up hearing about it.

But we have seen Zende do his best for success. For his sake, a party will be held that is dedicated to him but it won’t necessarily end well.

His wife’s exit will cause a rift in their relationship.

Drama is brewing in the upcoming episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful. If you are curious what is going to happen next, keep your eye the upcoming spoilers for this week's episodes.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" stars Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Katherine Kelly Lang, Heather Tom, and more.

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