Tamra Judge has become good friends with Shannon Beador over the past couple of years after they filmed “The Real Housewives of Orange County” together. Throughout the years, Tamra has questioned whether she wants to work things out with her former friend Vicki Gunvalson. During this week on the show, Tamra learned that kelly dodd was attacking both her and Shannon's characters by revealing that she had been the puppet master behind all of the drama that was happening. She accused Shannon of having Stockholm syndrome and serving Tamra.

When Tamra learned of this news while watching this week’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Orange County," she couldn't stop laughing at these crazy accusations and theories that Kelly was coming up with.

It was apparently too much for her, and she decided to write a blog post about it for Bravo. In this post, Tamra opens up about what she truly thinks about Kelly and the various inconsistencies she comes up with.

Can Kelly take responsibility?

For one, Tamra believes that Kelly can’t take responsibility for her actions, as she has been thrown out at several social gatherings over the past couple of years due to her behavior. In other words, it's not Shannon who is suffering from Stockholm syndrome. It is Kelly who is suffering from some social disorder where she can't be at a social gathering without being the center of attention, even if it means being thrown out.

Tamra Judge also writes about all of Kelly’s inconsistencies that have surfaced while filming “The Real Housewives of Orange County." Judge points out that many of the things Dodd says don’t match her actions.

For one, she claims that she never knew that Lydia would be hosting a dinner at "The Silent Lady," but then she decided to show up anyway. In addition, Tamra finds that Kelly can’t take responsibility for her own actions and behavior, but has no problem diagnosing Shannon and herself with Stockholm syndrome.

Why did she lie about not knowing about 'The Silent Lady?'

It is very interesting that Kelly Dodd can't take responsibility for anything she says and does. It's so odd to see her make up stories about how she didn’t know about the dinner, only to see how she and Lydia had talked about it before.

It was clear that Lydia told her exactly who would be going and where they were hanging out when she decided to show up to cause drama.

Plus it doesn't help that Dodd has admitted to enjoying poking fun at Shannon Beador and her weight gain over the past year. It just makes her look like a villain.

What do you think about Tamra Judge’s decision to call out Kelly for her inconsistencies?