The Season Finale of "Supernatural" left the fandom either shocked, in disbelief or simply in tears. Although it started off with the eradication of the British Men of Letters (Sam being a badass leader and taking down that murderous organization) and a much-anticipated reconciliation between Mary and Dean; it ended up with a tearing in the fabric of the universe, and the child of Lucifer being born. Long story short, it was a normal "Supernatural" season finale which opened up a brand new plotline for season 13.

Recap of season 12 finale

Although Castiel knew that the child that Kelly Kline was bearing would be Lucifer's baby itself, he still believed this child could bring goodness into the world.

In the moments before almost being killed by Daegon, Castiel got "super-powered" by the baby, and had a vision of what the future would look like with the Nephilim reshaping it. After Crowley and Castiel's devastating death, the season finale ended up with Sam discovering a crouched, yellow-eyed, and full grown Jack.

Nephilims have been part of the show before (Jesse and Jane); however, their power cannot be compared to Jack's due to the combination of arch-angel grace and a human soul. Basically, all the powers that Lucifer possessed are being amplified by the presence of the human soul. The question remains whether should we believe Castiel's vision or not?

Is Castiel's vision about Lucifer's child true or not?

Kelly believed that her child saved her because of the good in him, whereas Daegon stated that he needed a vessel to survive. However, the child did save Castiel and kill Daegon during this processAs we saw in a previous episode, Castiel was pretty determined about killing any being that came from an angel and human in the previous seasons (2 related episodes); but upon experiencing a deep connection with the unborn child, his mind was changed completely.

All the signs like the accelerated growth of the child, of are warnings; but unlike Amara, the child will go towards the opposite and righteous direction.

Castiel has made really disastrous decisions in the past (like letting Lucifer out of his cage and caused all this mess), and it is just as conceivable that Castiel is being manipulated by Jack, just as he was by his father.

Furthermore, it will be interesting to see how Jack will react towards the Winchesters, and if they will take on the responsibility of teaching him the righteous path.

Sam and Dean have served as a sort of a moral compass throughout the show and when Castiel departed from them in order to raise the child on his own, as his protector, it somehow symbolized that he parted from the righteous path. Maybe we will be facing the next big baddie, or maybe a hero in disguise. Either way, we are truly excited about season 13.